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hank you for choosing BTF Remodels as the Design - Build team for your renovation! Your feedback is very important to us and will help us continue to improve our services. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey, rating each item on a scale of poor to excellent. We appreciate your time!!

1. Communication and Collaboration

How satisfied were you with the overall communication during your project?
Were you kept well informed about the progress / status of the project?

2. Design and Aesthetics

Were you satisfied with the overall design of your space(s)?
Did the project team effectively incorporate your preferences and feedback into the design?

3. Quality of work

How satisfied were you with the quality of materials used in your project?
Were you satisfied with the craftsmanship and attention to detail in the construction work?

4. Project management 

Did the project meet your expectations regarding timeline and budget?
How satisfied were you with the coordination between various contractors and subcontractors

5. Overall satisfaction

Are you satisfied with the final outcome of your space(s)?
How likely are you to recommend our design-build team to others?

6. Additional Comments:

Thanks for sharing! We always strive to improve.

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